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Law Offices of James L. Mayer, P.A. Maryland Business Law Attorney

Maryland Business Law attorneys
James L. Mayer, Esquire     Teresa M. Cooney, Esquire

A General Practice of Law
in the Following areas:

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Business -

Starting a New Business or Restructuring an Existing Business

Standard Incorporation, Sub-chapter "S" Corporation, Close Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, Limited Liability Limited Partnership, Family LLC's and Partnerships, non-profit organizations (501)(c)(3)

Contracts and Business Agreements

Operating Agreements, Stockholder Agreements, Subcontractor Agreements, Employment Agreements, Disclaimers, Warranties, Offers to Sell or Purchase, Review of Franchise Agreements

Corporate Law -

Drafting or Review of Agreements to Purchase or Sell an Operating Business from Contract to Settlement

Drafting and Review of Franchise Agreements and Disclosures to advise purchaser or seller regarding the sale of a franchise business

Representation in Contract Negotiations, Arbitration and Litigation

Federal and state compliance in raising capital by issuance of private security offerings

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Civil Litigation -

Contract Disputes, Mechanic's Liens, Construction litigation, Breach of Contract, Employment disputes, EEOC, Collections

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Personal Injury -

Representation in all types of personal injury cases-we emphasize personal attention to the client and his or her case.

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Real Estate, Contracts & Related Services


Preparation of Contract to Purchase Home, Review of Contract(s) to Sell Your Home, Preparation of All Legally Required Addenda, Buyer/Seller Negotiations, Contract Oversight to Settlement

Preparation/Review of Lease Agreements, Escrow Services for Deposit(s)

Preparation of Deeds, Life Estates, Interspousal Deeds

Preparation of Contract to Purchase Commercial Property, Review of Contract(s) to Sell Your Commercial Property, Preparation of All Legally Required Addenda, Buyer/Seller Negotiations, Contract Oversight to Settlement

Preparation of Commercial Lease Agreements, Review of Commercial Lease and Estoppel Agreements, Escrow Services for Deposit(s)

Formation of Homeowners' Associations, Preparation of Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions and Easements

Representation of developers and builders

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A Full-Service Title Company

For New Mortgages and Refinancing

Excellent Service and Competitive Prices for:

Thorough file development to determine appropriate payoff balances of mortgages, lender fees, and all other charges, property taxes, obtaining a title search and survey

Owner's and Lender's Title Insurance

We employ attorneys who conduct our settlements, not settlement officers. Our attorneys are available for advice on title transfers assuring you a smooth, professional settlement process.

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Wills, Trusts & Related Documents

Wills - Simple Will, Testamentary Trusts, Guardianship Provisions, Marital Share Will

Advance Medical Directives -
Instructions to physicians regarding medical and other treatment under specific health circumstances and appointment of an agent to make health care decisions in consultation with your physician(s)

Powers of Attorney -
Limited Powers of Attorney for specific purposes and General Powers of Attorney for comprehensive agent decision-making if you are unable to make critical decisions for yourself

Health Care Powers of Attorney -
This power of attorney is recommended so that a person has someone who can make medical decisions if the person is disabled or otherwise not able to make decisions for him or herself.

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Estate Planning
Trusts - Living Trusts, Revocable or Irrevocable Trusts

Estate Planning - Extensive analyses of individual and marital shares in estate planning for Will and Trust preparation

Gift Planning - Advice and assistance in making gifts to reduce the ultimate estate tax burden on a person's estate.

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Estate Administration
Preparation of all documents necessary to open, administer and close an estate for your loved one. Assistance in gathering assets and paying bills and debts. Preparation and filing of Federal Estate Tax Returns. You retain control as Personal Representative, making decisions based on sound legal advice.

Caveat Proceedings - Will challenge cases-defense and prosecution. We have over 25 years of experience in litigation of these cases.

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Family Law -

While divorce law is not a large part of our practice, for existing clients and for referrals from existing clients, we provide services for uncontested divorces, and review of mediated agreements.

We also can help you with adoptions, guardianship and change of name.

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Marriottsville, Maryland 21104
Telephone: (410) 442-1088
FAX: (410) 442-2088
E-mail: jmayer@jlmayerlaw.com

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