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About the Law Offices of James L. Mayer, P.A.

James L. Mayer Letter

The Law Offices of James L. Mayer, P.A. have strong roots in Howard County Maryland.

    Since being admitted to the Maryland Bar in 1975, I have engaged in the general practice of law with a focus primarily in the fields of estate planning, wills, trusts, business, corporations, partnerships, real estate, estate administration, general contract law and general litigation in both the areas of personal injury and commercial disputes.

   With regard to the areas of estate planning and administration, the estates I have administered have varied from the smallest to those of several million dollars. A significant portion of my practice is devoted to assisting clients in planning their estates taking into consideration not only estate and inheritance taxes but also personal and family needs. I have prepared wills and trusts to accommodate the wide variety of family situations one sees these days such as blended families, planning for disability, life insurance trusts as well as marital deduction planning. I have also defended wills and Personal Representatives in caveat, or will-challenge cases.

   Over the years, I have represented a large number of business clients in all areas related to business issues from incorporation or entity formation, with day-to-day legal advice on contracts and other business issues, in litigation, both as defense and as plaintiff, employee matters and sale or restructuring of the business. Further, I have successfully represented my clients in business disputes, contract review and drafting, discrimination cases, contract litigation, business financing, franchising and challenges to franchise agreements, and generally all matters that come up in the course of business. Of course, I also regularly advise my business clients on their business planning and estate planning.

   I also have substantial experience in the area of real estate development, sales and purchases, contract disputes, the formation of homeowners' associations, land development contracts, and financing of land development and real estate ventures. I represent builders, developers and contractors in all aspects of their business relationships including disputes with third parties.

   I trust that this summary gives you sufficient idea of the services this firm offers our clients. If you have specific questions about areas I have not addressed, or you would like to explore more fully any information I have provided, I will welcome an opportunity to discuss them with you. Please feel free to contact me by telephone 410-442-1088 or e-mail: jmayer@jlmayerlaw.com.

Very truly yours,
James L. Mayer

2500 Wallington Way, Suite 102
Marriottsville, Maryland 21104
Telephone: (410) 442-1088
FAX: (410) 442-2088
E-mail: jmayer@jlmayerlaw.com

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